Program Management

Children's Hospital of Colorado - Denver, Colorado - Full service replacement children's hospital, 1,440, 000 SF and 270 beds

Children’s Hospital of Colorado – Denver, Colorado – 1,440,000 sf

Program Management (PM)

Our ability to develop our own healthcare facilities gives us the same perspective that you have – that of an owner who understands risk and the methods to mitigate it.

To be an effective program manager or owner’s representative, you must be an owner yourself. Indeed we are….and we have taken those skills and successfully completed healthcare projects across America ranging in size from $6 million to $600 million.

Our “national reach” and distribution of office locations allows us to serve you wherever you are in the Country. Most importantly, however, is our management approach. Many program management firms simply monitor and report. Contrary to this approach, we know that you must strategize and manage healthcare projects for them to be successful. Our project controls, our insight and experience on literally any type of healthcare project, and our persistence on our clients’ behalf let them rest easy at night. In fact, our project budget, schedule and quality results are nothing short of excellent. The bottom line is we deliver on promises made in the Boardroom!

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Scope of Services

  • Replacement Hospitals
  • Hospital Expansions and Renovations
  • Critical Access Hospitals
  • Specialty Hospitals